2020 Events

NH Citizens Health Initiative Annual Symposium

September 29, 2020

Julie Rovner, noted health journalist and Chief Washington Correspondent for Kaiser Health News, outlined key factors impacting the current state of our health care system and what to watch for as the election and Supreme Court appointments and challenges to the ACA unfold over the next few months. 

The NH Citizens Health Initiative Annual Symposium on Tuesday, September 29 provided insights on the latest national health policy topics, and attendees discussed how to improve health care systems in New Hampshire. Lucy Hodder, director of Health Law and Policy at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law and IHPP moderated the discussion and led the Question-and-Answer session.

Attendees hailed from a variety of disciplines, including health care organizations, payer organizations, public health organizations, and more. Jeanne Ryer, Director of the NH Citizens Health Initiative, recognized 15 years of success by thanking the hard work and support of the NH CHI staff and their many partners across the state and beyond.

Jo Porter, director of the Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP) framed the key health policy themes for facilitated small-group breakout sessions to discuss questions raised by Julie Rovner’s presentation. In these sessions, participants explored the changes to NH’s health care system in 2020, identified opportunities for impacting the future of NH health care, and crafted actionable individual and collective next steps.

To learn more about our Symposium, check out our Guidebook.