Accountable Care Project

The Accountable Care Project (ACP) is a collaboration of NH Citizens Health Initiative and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice and stakeholders throughout the State, including provider organizations and commercial payers whose primary goal is to share learning, to dialogue around the key health care and health system issues around the state, to develop actionable plans based on best practices and to implement changes based on the peer learning.

To help inform the activities of the ACP, the group to developed a set of cost, utilization and quality reports to support the many system transformation and payment reform initiatives of participating organizations utilizing data available in NH’s All-Payer Claims Data (APCD) system, known as the NH Comprehensive Healthcare Information System (NHCHIS), and through self-reporting of EMR data.

In addition to on-going dialogue regarding key issues around the State, ACP stakeholders have set two primary work streams for the 2014-2015 program:

The development of an intervention and reimbursement model for patients with depression and a co-occurring chronic condition. ACP partners, including provider organizations, commercial payers and MCOs are discussing best practices for a coordinated care plan for patients and are working to develop a reimbursement model to align with patient care. 

The implementation of coordinated prevention model targeting patients with hypertension. ACP partners are working to apply the lessons learned from the Million Hearts® initiative.


Accountable Care Project Reporting Tools

The ACP reports include two sets of report types:

Claims-based analytic reports: driven by the NH Comprehensive Health Information System (NHCHIS) data, have both private access for participating organizations and a "public" access for non-participating health care stakeholders. The full report suite includes data for Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare populations.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) quality report: based on self-reported data from participating organizations. The aggregated median rates report provides a benchmark for comparison around key quality measures. The Access to the EMR reporting tool is limited to participating partners.

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