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"This Pillar Project is no longer a focus of the Initiative. All questions regarding the state Office of the National Coordinator grants should be directed to the NH Department of Health and Human Services Chief Information Officer, William Baggeroer. He may be reached at 603-271-4958 with any inquiries."

About the Health Information Technology & Exchange Pillar

A final Strategic Plan for HIT/HIE was issued on January 1, 2009. The plan was the result of concerted effort by a broad range of stakeholders. In order for the recommendations of the group to come to fruition, there must be a leadership structure that will be the successor to the HIT and HIE Working Group. It is our intention to continue our effort at The Initiative to facilitate and staff the successor leadership structure.  While the final work plan and structure of the group will be refined during the first quarter of 2009 there are a series of core functions that will be considered.  Among those considerations but not limited by them are the following thoughts of the Executive Committee:

  • Convene stakeholders bi-monthly to set goals, establish priorities, and encourage cooperation and coordination, and measure and report progress.
  • Develop a road map, to be presented bi-annually to the Governor, the Legislature, and the health care industry that is based upon the following actions:
    • Completion of a survey of health care provider technology adoption and conduct a gap analysis report to identify progress and areas where continued technological deployment is required.
    • Identification of barriers to HIT and HIE adoption based upon an environmental scan at the state, regional, and national levels, as well as the aforementioned survey and gap analysis.
    • Creation of a set of recommendations for market and policy options to support HIT and HIE adoption.
  • Identify nationally recognized interoperability standards for HIT and HIE and promote said standards within the New Hampshire health care community (ie, HITSP, CCHIT, HL7).
  • Provide recommendations to policy makers on privacy and security that take into account local and national privacy and security efforts.
  • Develop and provide oversight for an HIT and HIE Resource Center that would conduct the following functions:
    • Provide a website for providers to enable the sharing of best practices for HIT and HIE as well as information about resources available to New Hampshire providers.
    • Provide a learning network for providers to transfer knowledge and streamline clinical and business processes.
    • Provide an ongoing consumer and public education function in collaboration with other consumer and provider organizations.
    • Coordinate with regional and national HIT and HIE efforts as appropriate.

To achieve these functions the report to the Governor recommends that the successor group should be convened by the Office of the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, and meet bi-monthly. It was recommended that the successor group be comprised of knowledgeable and energetic members with familiarity of the work of past work groups and national and regional HIT and HIE activities. As the successor group's goal is to provide tools to transform the state's health care industry, there needs to be adequate representation from appropriate stakeholders including the following interests: Governor's office, New Hampshire Administrative Services (State Employee Health Plan), consumers, employers, providers, insurers, and the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative.


“As a part of the HHS Office of National Coordinator HIE grants announced in August 2009, the HIE project has transitioned to NH Department of Health and Human Services Chief Information Officer, William Baggeroer. He may be reached at 603-271-4958 with any inquiries.”

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