HPDP Pillar Group

Since the inception of the NH Citizens Health Initiative effort in 2006, the Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP) has concentrated its work on improving the health of individuals living in NH. As its first step, the HPDP produced a report in 2007 identifying the major underlying causes of death and disability in NH (unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle, tobacco use, and unhealthy alcohol use). Building on this report, the HPDP Pillar Group then partnered with leading NH organizations, including Breathe NH, New Futures, and the HNH Foundation to promote the use of evidence-based interventions and policy to reduce the impact of these identified risk factors.

Recognizing that both medicine and public health play critical roles in reducing the burden of preventable disease, in 2009 the HPDP began investigating NH-based health promotion and disease prevention projects/programs involving both sectors brief report describing the programs examined and lessons learned about effectively linking the medicine and public health systems was produced. From there, the HPDP then developed a strategic integration plan containing six recommendations with supporting activities to create a climate in NH where interdisciplinary efforts involving both medicine and public health (in addition to community-based organizations and individuals) are the “norm” for promoting and protecting the health of NH citizens.

Currently the HPDP is focusing on the application of recommendations included in the strategic integration plan to reduce tobacco use in NH. A full workplan of activities supporting this goal has been developed. One example of a completed workplan activity is the creation of a short primer for clinicians on the concept and value of public health and clinical care integration to reducing tobacco use.

The HPDP meets on a quarterly basis. Contact Holly Tutko to learn about the next scheduled meeting. Meeting minutes from the past year are available below.

HPDP Meeting Summaries:

    Seminal HPDP Reports

    Report Name


    Pound of Prevention

    This 2007 report details the underlying major root causes of death and disability in NH- unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle, tobacco use and excessive alcohol use.

    Public Health and Personal Health System Integration in New Hampshire

    This 2010 report summarizes lessons learned from the HPDP's experiance.

    A Strategic Plan for Integrating the Work of New Hampshire's Public Health and Medical Care Systems

    This 2011 report provides a roadmap of action-oriented recommendations to catalyze and sustain collaborative work between NH's medical care and public health systems.

    Current HPDP Workplan

    This 2012 document seeks to advance recommendations included in the "Strategic Plan" to address tobacco use in NH. The workplan contains four major objectives and supporting activities for each objective.

    APHA Poster about HPDP Work Accepted for presentation at the 2013 Am. Public Health Association meeting, this poster depicts the work being undertaken by the HPDP Pillar Group to advance the use of public health-primary care integration approaches to reduce tobacco use in NH.