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In March of 2008, the Workforce Committee of the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative delivered a report to the Governor recommending strategies to address the shortages of primary care providers in New Hampshire. The report summarized critical national issues associated with primary care workforce development, described the implications of these issues specific for our state's workforce and proposed several recommendations for the Governor's action.  During 2008, the Workforce Committee began implementation the report findings.  Bi-State Primary Care led this process and is now partnering with the state Department of Health and Human Services to sustain the effort.  For more information on the plan and its implementation please contact Laura Davie:

Strategies to Address the Issues of Access to NH's Primary Care Workforce

Key findings of the committee

  • There are critical shortages of primary care providers in New Hampshire and these shortages are projected to increase.
  • New Hampshire does not have a pro-active, statewide organization responsible for measuring, planning and developing an adequate primary care workforce.
  • Disparities and inequities in the financing of primary care services nationally and in New Hampshire inhibit the development of an optimal primary care workforce.
  • The state needs to take advantage of new models of primary care delivery that improves the efficiency and the capacity of the healthcare system.

Recommendations to the Governor include

  • Develop a sustainable model to pro-actively measure, plan and develop the state's primary care workforce.
  • Actively recruit and retain primary care providers to New Hampshire through competitive incentive programs.
  • Expand the state's health careers programs to "grow our own" future health care providers.
  • Expand "dedicated" positions for academically qualified New Hampshire residents in regional health care professional schools.
  • Take action on these recommendations through collaborative initiatives.

Final Report: Access to New Hampshire’s Primary Care Workforce Project
Reporting Period: June 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009
Prepared by: Stephanie Pagliuca, Director
Bi-State Primary Care Association

Attachment A:  Access to NH’s Primary Care Workforce Project
Bi-State Primary Care Association