Resource Year Topic Type
Quality Improvement in Integrated Care, Part 5 of the 9-part series: "What RESOURCES do you need to implement a Quality Improvement initiative?"
Watch Part 5 of the 9-part in the training module, focusing on "What RESOURCES do you need to implement a Quality Improvement initiative?"
2021 Quality Improvement, Workforce & Training Presentation
Suicide Prevention and Substance Use Disorders: Optimizing Care for Two New Hampshire Epidemics
View presentations from the NH Citizens Health Initiative's Behavioral Health Integration Learning Collaborative session on November 28th, 2018.
2018 Behavioral Health/Substance Use Presentation, Video
CHI Annual Symposium 2019 Keynote: Patients as Partners in Transformation in the Rural Setting Mary Reeves, MD TCPI National Faculty
In this keynote presentation Mary Reeves discusses applying principles of practice transformation to the unique characteristics of a rural practice.
2019 Other Presentation
CHI Annual Symposium- Understanding Medical Legal Partnerships
In this annual CHI symposium Lucy Hodder and Geysel Lopez discuss how medical-legal issues intertwine with patient health.
2018 Other Presentation
Confidentiality of Substance Use Treatment Records in Integrated Care Settings
Enjoy this overview of existing laws regarding privacy and confidentiality plus the new changes and how they affect compliance in integrated care.
2016 Behavioral Health/Substance Use, Other Presentation
Resource Guide for Addiction and Mental Health Care Consumers
Answering questions about insurance coverage and parity for addiction and mental health care services.
2016 Behavioral Health/Substance Use Presentation
Integrating SUD Screening & Treatment: A Collaborative Care Approach to Practice and Payment slides
Learn more about the tools and models in building a sustainable integrated care practice.
2017 Behavioral Health/Substance Use Presentation
Blood Pressure Control: What Matters?
Learn what matters in terms of healthy blood pressure in this series.
Chronic Care/Chronic Disease Presentation, Video
Putting NH on the Path to Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration- Alexander Blount, EdD (Antioch University, New England)
Learn more about the development of integrated behavioral health in primary care.
2016 Behavioral Health/Substance Use Presentation
Telehealth and Project ECHO: "Connected" Care for Improved Outcomes
Learn more about how telehealth can be valued part of the delivery of healthcare going forward!
2019 Quality Improvement, Telehealth/Project ECHO Presentation