Resource Year Topic Type
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Survey Report
This report analyzes responses to understand practice patterns, comfort level, and support needs relative to treating pediatric patients with ADHD.
2017 Other Report
Evaluation Report: NH Multi-Stakeholder Medical Home Pilot
Nine pilot sites were analyzed to value, prescribe, and reward medical care of superior quality & efficiency.
2013 Other Report
CHI Annual Symposium 2019 Keynote: Patients as Partners in Transformation in the Rural Setting Mary Reeves, MD TCPI National Faculty
In this keynote presentation Mary Reeves discusses applying principles of practice transformation to the unique characteristics of a rural practice.
2019 Other Presentation
CHI Annual Symposium- Understanding Medical Legal Partnerships
In this annual CHI symposium Lucy Hodder and Geysel Lopez discuss how medical-legal issues intertwine with patient health.
2018 Other Presentation
Confidentiality of Substance Use Treatment Records in Integrated Care Settings
Enjoy this overview of existing laws regarding privacy and confidentiality plus the new changes and how they affect compliance in integrated care.
2016 Behavioral Health/Substance Use, Other Presentation